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Programme Overview

Nanyang International

Piano Academy

Piano Academy Details



All participants will engage in activities such as lectures, student concerts and competition from 1000h each day, up to various times depending on the schedule.


The format of this year’s Academy is different from the previous years. There will be two categories—Observer and Active Participant.


Observer (Live / Online) 

Observers will be sent links to watch all events presented by NIPA 2022—lectures and lessons, competition and concerts.


Active Participant (Live / Online)

This refers to observers who wish to take lessons with NIPA faculty. The course fee for Active Participant is inclusive of 2 individual lessons with our NIPA faculty. This year, each lesson is 30 minutes long and participants are able to choose the faculty* with whom they would like to work with. Participants may also opt to add on additional lessons, subject to availability.

Faculty available for live participation in NAFA Campus 3 are:

Ms Lena Ching, Dr Nellie Seng and Dr Melody Quah. 


Budding pianists and music students may work on pieces of their choice during the lesson, whilst pedagogues and piano enthusiasts may engage in a discussion of pedagogical issues pertaining to their own teaching.


Participants will submit a video of the work that they would like to work on during the lesson with the faculty member. The video will be streamed during the lesson (like a student would play to a teacher at the beginning of the lesson), after which, the lecturer faculty member will comment and work with the student for the duration of the lesson. 


For participants who are in Singapore, they may wish to take their lessons in-person with our members of faculty based in or will be in Singapore.

​*Please note that choice of faculty is not guaranteed as time slots are limited due to time zone difference. The committee will try to accede to all participants’ requests; should the faculty member of choice not be available, the committee will assign the participant another faculty member based on the repertoire and performance style presented in the video submitted.


Full details, together with the event schedule will be issued after all applications have been processed.

Add - On / Optional Activities

Additional Lessons


The participation fee for Active Participants is inclusive of 2 individual lessons with NIPA faculty members. Participants may choose to add on additional lessons for a fee.


NIPA Student Concerts (Live / Online)

Students will be able to opt in to “perform” in a number of concerts to be broadcasted through official NIPA. Students will then be able to showcase what they have worked on during NIPA and share their music with an appreciative audience.


NIPA Competition (Live / Online)

Participants may choose to join the NIPA competition, where they will play their work of choice to the esteemed jury panel - our members of the NIPA faculty. This year, participants may choose to submit a video, or if in Singapore, play to our local faculty live in the Lee Foundation Theatre. Participants will receive written comments from the jury panel and Gold, Silver or Bronze certificates will be awarded based on a points award system.

* All Lessons, NIPA Student Concerts and Competition are only open to Active Participants

* Please note that there will be an additional fee imposed for administrative purposes should students choose to have their video broadcasted as part of the concert.

* Please see ‘fees’ for concert and competition entry charges.

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