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Nanyang International

Piano Academy



Application FAQ

1. Who can join NIPA 2022?

The Nanyang International Piano Academy 2022 is open to all piano enthusiasts. There is no age limit to music making and sharing. 

2. Can I participate in both Open and Junior Category Competition?

No. However, you can opt to participate in both Online & Live Competition. 

3. Which faculty should I select for onsite lesson in NAFA Campus?

Only Ms Lena Ching, Dr Nellie Seng and Dr Melody Quah are available for face-to-face lesson in NAFA, School of Music campus. Lessons with remaining faculty will be done through Zoom online. 

4. Can I select both local and overseas faculty?

Yes, you can. For example, you may select Ms Lena Ching to attend her lesson at NAFA Campus and Mr Timothy Kwok to attend his lesson via Zoom at your own residence. 

5. Is NIPA open to pianists residing overseas? 

Yes, definitely! However, if you are travelling to Singapore, do note that your selection of faculty may be limited by our studio availability for Zoom lessons with your preferred overseas faculty member. Please contact us in advance to check availability.

6. Can I sign up for both online and live-in-campus as active participant?

Yes, you can.

7. Do we need to submit audition video to join NIPA 2022?

Yes, but it is not an audition. Video submission from the participant will be used as a reference by the faculty to craft the learning experience so that participants receive maximum learning experience. To find out how you can best record the video, please see the guidelines here.

8. Is it compulsory to join the competition or concert?

It is an optional programme that allows participants to be showcased through specially curated NIPA platforms during NIPA 2022.

9. Where can I see the judging criteria for the competition?

The performance will be assessed on Musical Expression, Technical Control of the Instrument, Stylistic Awareness

10. Are we allowed to attend the student concert and competition as an audience?

Yes, audience is allowed in NAFA Campus 3, subject to prevailing SMM regulations.

11. When will we receive login instructions for the online lessons?

When the registration is completed, you will receive an email with access instructions. Please be sure to test your system prior to the start of the lesson.

12. What do I need to prepare for the onsite lessons?

Please bring along an extra copy of the work that you will be working on for the lecturer's reference.

13. As an Observer, do I have to pre-register for the lecture conducted by the Faculty?

You do not need to pre-register for the lecture, a link to all lectures will be sent to registered participants after the successful registration.


14. I have applied, what's next? 

We will require you to submit the repertoire & video of the work that you wish to work on during the lesson. If you have chosen to take part in the Online Concert and Online Competition, the repertoire and video recording must be submitted to us as well. Please note that all submissions must be received before 15 July 2022.

15. How can I submit my videos if the file size is more than 250mb?


Please provide us the link in the form through a file sharing site (such as Dropbox, Google Drive, WeTransfer, Microsoft OneDrive, etc.).

Please note that we do not accept any link from video streaming sites such as Youtube, Vimeo, etc.

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